Dos and Don’ts for your CV



Action keywords: Start each sentence with an action word. List here.

Correct section headings: Section heading should be readable by a computer. List here

Standard fonts: Stick to Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, Times New Roman, Impact and Georgia.

Research the role: Ask seniors, lookup LinkedIn, Glassdoor.

Contact information: Very critical. Name, email and phone number.


Abbreviations: Unless you are 100% sure it is an industry standard in which case it is fine to use.

Irrelevant information: Resumes need to be job specific and CV real estate is limited.

Tables: Resume screeners might not read them well.

Images: Resume screeners don’t read them.

Spelling errors: Run a spell check

Special characters: no arrows/ symbols etc. Use standard bullets at most.

Borders/ shading: the format could get messed up over transit.

Verbal diarrhoea: These are phrases that actually mean nothing. Phrase list .

White text: Do not get clever on keywords to beat systems. There are consequences.