CVLift- An Intro

What is CVLift?

CVLift is an online resource that will help students and young professionals make job specific resumes. CVLift works to include the right keywords and highlight the right skills on your CV to maximize your chances of getting that interview call.

What is our secret sauce?

Application tracking systems are used by 90% of the big companies to screen out resumes. These bots screen it based on keywords that you do/ do not have on your resume. Most job seekers do not know what these right keywords are. We do! And we will tell you! Just tell us what job you are looking for.

At EdWave Labs, we spent a year analyzing job and skill data and we have figured out patterns. We are now in the business of sharing this information and analysis with the world. We are just getting started.

How does CVLift work? 

You search for the job title you want to apply to on CVLift . We have built a very powerful analytics tool that processes tens of thousands of live jobs and skills to finally result in the list of important keywords you should include on your resume to maximize your interview chances.

What kind of jobs does CVLift cater to?

We currently specialize in technology based jobs as we recognize the keyword filters are used a lot in this sector. We are working on other fields as well, but at the moment, tech is our target.

Which part of the globe does CVLift work in?

Any English speaking region of the globe (most of them use application tracking systems already),- USA and India, being the biggest markets.

Who is CVLift?

CVLift is a product of EdWave. EdWave is a data driven career counselor, which will help students find jobs in a matter of seconds.